Karachi:  Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s hawkish leader Altaf Hussain Sunday night sounded surprisingly dovish, when he advised his workers not to overreact to the provocations being hurled at them, by their political rivals.

“You shall not counter abuse with abuse. I also urge you to leave every stone thrown at you unreturned. And if you find yourself in the way of a political party’s rally, steer clear of it,” Hussain told a throng of his workers assembled at party headquarter ‘Nine Zero’.

Addressing his followers from London via phone, Hussain also asked MQM leaders to not speak ill of their opponents, at the public rallies and corner meetings.

“Calm should prevail in the constituency, no matter what,” Hussain ordered his workers.

Moving ahead, the MQM leader also challenged his rivals to take their best shot at defeating him.

“First off, I do not want to vie with anyone, but if someone insists, then he/she will lose for sure,” said he.