CHITRAL - Residents of several villages of Chitral district have staged a protest demonstration against the unjust distribution of water by the Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) aimed at obliging only one influential family in the area. The resident of Jinjirate, Dap, Dameek and Osiak villages expressed their strong resentment over the discriminately treatment by the Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP).  The protest was led by Haji Muazzam Khan, former president Trade Union Drosh. Addressing the protestors, the speakers said that the area is already facing a number of problems but some elements multiplied troubles for the local population. They said that residents of the area are using water of a channel for drinking and irrigation purposes but now the SRSP is constructing a stream to supply water from the channel specially to an influential ‘Jan family,’ which only has the right to use the water for drinking purposes. They said that this step on the part of SRSP would create acute water shortage in the area.  They asked the SRSP to stop construction work on the water stream which can disturb peaceful environment of the area. On this occasion, a resolution was also passed, which demanded construction of a bund on the riverside for protection of thousands of acres agricultural land at Dameek Lasht, Jinjirat and Osiak villages. It urged construction of protection wall on the river bank to save these cultivable land and poor people from river’s erosion.  They said that some 200 households are affecting from the river’s erosion while 15 people already lost their lives during flood in the area, therefore urgent measures are needed for construction of a bund on the riverside.  They also demanded of the provincial government as well as high-ups of Communication and Works Department for conducting an inquiry into Jinjirat Road which has been shown blacktopping only in the papers by the C&W Department and by embezzled huge public fund. Those who spoke on the occasion were Inamullah, Suboor Qureshi, Iqblaul Mulk, Muazzam Khan, Akbal Bhutto and others.