ISLAMABAD -  Since the wheat price in the open market has dropped drastically and the flour millers are taking the advantage of demand and supply formula, the common man has only received a relief of Rs 2 per kilogram in wheat flour price.

Wheat flour price that was around Rs 1400 to Rs 1600 in the open market has dropped to around Rs 1100 to Rs 1200 in recent months. The reason is that the new crop is about to come and still ample stock of wheat from last year production is available in the market despite of government’s policy to allow wheat export. The government even decreased the price of wheat stock available with it to attract the flour millers buy it and then export wheat flour to other countries.

The irony is that when the wheat price increases in the market the millers increase the wheat flour price unjustifiably but with the decrease it is golden time for them to mint money. Common man and the wheat grower always are at the losing end. Farmers always complain that they are not getting better price of their produce.

In the coming days it seems that the farmers will have to suffer a lot. They will not be able to get a better price of their produce once again. The price of the product has already decreased in the market and the government on the other hand though has increased the wheat support price a little but it cannot buy all the wheat from the growers.

Moreover, only blue-eyed seem to be able to get gunny bags from the provincial and federal food department to sell their product to the government. Present situation suggests that it will not ease the life of a common man and it will be a golden year for the millers to mint as much money as they want.