LAHORE - With the slight increase in temperature, unscheduled long hours loadshedding has started across the country.

The power mangers are expecting that the duration of loadshedding will further increase in the month of May.

The power distribution companies (Discos) are receiving 50 percent electricity from the national grid against the total demand of their consumers.

Majority of the power plants are running dry due to shortage of fuel.

Sources in power sector say that power consumers are facing 12-hour average blackouts in big cities while the loadshedding is being conducted more than 14-hour in small towns and rural areas of the country.

The total demand is crossing 17,000MW against the available 11,000MW from IPPs, Wapda owned Gencos and hydel power plants, they said.

IPPs are sharing 5000MW in the energy basket while thermal power plants and hydel sources are jointly sharing 6000MW with the national grid.

The consumers in Lahore are facing 11 to 12 hours blackout with consecutive power cuts of two to three hours in some under developed areas. The Lesco is conducting 14 hours load shedding in rural limits.

The Fesco is conducting 12-hour shutdown in Faisalabad while the cities like Sargodha, Jhang, Toba Tek Sing and Gojra are under the grip of 14-hour loadshedding. The situation in the limits of Mepco is even worst, where the power consumers are facing more than 14-hours loadshedding. The people of rural areas of South Punjab are being provided around six to seven hours electricity supply in 24-hour.

The loadshedding is comparatively lower in the limits of Gepco and Iesco where the consumers are facing around 10-hour shutdown.

Sources said that Pesco, Qesco, Tesco, Hesco and Sepco were conducting more than 14-hour loadshedding in their areas.