Islamabad - In a glaring example of misuse of authority, a senior female officer of Islamabad police got suspended the police officials who dared stop one of her relatives during patrolling; however Interior Minister Ch Nisar came to rescue the officials.  According to details, a joint patrolling team on April 8 stopped the vehicle of SP Iram Abbasi’s relative at F-10 Markaz as the vehicle has tinted glasses and an antenna atop the roof. The person, according to local police, on the driving seat introduced himself as relative of the female police officer and asked the police officials to let him go.

However, the cops removed the tinted papers from the glasses upon which the person manhandled them.

Iram Abbasi complained to her high-ups about what she termed harsh attitude of the cops and got them suspended.

However, the interior minister took notice of the matter and ordered restoring all the suspended officials. According to a press release, the minister also appreciated the performance of the cops and announced reward for them. He also admonished the high-ups of Islamabad police who helped suspend the officials. The minister also ordered to transfer the female officer to some other district.