A:     A soldier has to follow orders no matter what those orders are, Sadiq. You just can’t contest that. If you contest that, the whole premise of the military fails.

S:    Well then, the same goes for Nazis. You can’t hold any single Nazi responsible for the brutality of World War II because they were just following orders. They were systematically annihilating an entire community because of the chain of command. They were humiliating people, stripping them of their dignity, starving them, torturing them, murdering them because an officer above them told them to. There are such things as war crimes, Ameen.

A:    But I still hold, that the ordinary soldier is only following orders. His own value judgements, his own morality does not matter in a state of war. He is to do what he is to do, and if he doesn’t, then the strategy, and the war, is lost.

S:    Are you endorsing abuse of human rights under the guise of army orders?

A:    I can see how it sounds like that, but I’m really not. The fact is, some times wars are won by inhuman strategies, and innocents die, civilians bleed as much or more than the soldiers do. That is the accepted collateral of a state of war. If soldiers start refusing orders because their own ethics dictate that no civilian must die, there would be no armies.

S:    You know Ameen, I really don’t see how that would be such a bad thing.