The present situation in Karachi is the culmination of many years of mis-governance, under persons elected to govern, but who turned to criminal activities. Among the main pursuits were extortion, kidnapping, even murder, all backed with political muscle. So, when Saulat Mirza televised confession appeared one was shocked, but the facts were already well known on the streets but the details were not. Saulat Mirza has provided these details. The shocking part is the involvement of the higher echelons of the party involved.

Even now it is too dangerous to name the party, for the aura of fear still hangs in the air. The extent of the criminality can only be pieced together, but the network of the MQM machine is so tight, it is difficult to obtain any conclusive proof. However the stories are leaking and the TV anchors are in the forefront, most of them showing reruns of the Mirza confession. No widows or orphans of victims have been interviewed, as would have been the case in a normal (un-backed politically) crime.

It is only with a confession such as Saulat’s that the dots can be joined. Till the confession the perception of the criminal activities was believed, and spoken of in hushed whispers. Now the whispers are louder, but the furtive glances are still there. The Uzair Baloch statement coming on the heels of the Saulat Mirza confession has opened yet another dimension to the criminality of the Pakistani Governance.


March 24.