Karachi:  The Counterterrorism Department of Police today morning claimed to have eliminated five terrorists, including two high-profile targets belonging to al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) wing.

A statement to this effect was issued by police, while a targeted anti terrorism operation was underway in the seedy parts of Orangi Town's Khairabad neighborhood. According to, Raja Umear Khattab, a senior official, the police busted the suspected militant hideout following credible intelligence, which proved a big 'hit.'

"At least five outlaws were killed at the end of a shootout with the cops. Two of them were al Qaeda commanders," said he. The slain terrorists were involved in a recent armed assault on Rangers personnel deployed at Qalandria Chowk.

Three of the fallen 'enemies of state' have been identified as Usman, Ibrahim, and Nurul Hassan alias Hashim, who was the Amir (chief) of AQIS’s Karachi chapter.

Qaedat al-Jihad in the Indian Subcontinent is a militant organization, which aims to fight the governments of Pakistan, India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh in order to establish an Islamic state.

The militant group has also stated its intentions to attack American targets in the Indian Subcontinent.

Before coming together under AQIS, there were various Jihadist factions operating in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.

One of these factions operated in Karachi, Pakistan, and was responsible for numerous attacks in the city. On December, 11 2014, AQIS issued a report detailing these attacks. The attacks targeted local police, a professor, and a blogger.