It’s said that multinationals are an indirect strategy by former imperialist powers to re-colonize the underdeveloped countries. The proponents argue that multinational companies are main source of FDI; job opportunities and important source of technological and human expertise transfer to the host countries. In fact low cadre job go to the locals whereas high salaries jobs are enjoyed by the foreigners. Irony is that government functionaries dealing with the multinationals and local employees of the multinational prefer their interests on the cost of environmental degradation and exhaustion of precious natural resources.

In Dadu District, BHP Billiton the Australian based oil and gas exploring multinational company started its operation in late 90s followed by another Polish company. Although the vision of these companies was noble to protect local environment and spend 1 percent pre tax income and production bonus money on the development of the area but the local officials at BHP distorted all rules of business and opted for local landlords, who became de facto mangers in recruiting local labor and benefiting from contacts and other informal perks and privileges. The huge amounts went into wastage. In 2015, BHP Billiton without assessing its impact on the area and performance of community development staff shifted the labiality to new local investor, Hashmi Group who grabbed the burden happily without any thinking. The continuous throwing of poisonous waste openly has destroyed fertility of the soil, quality of underground water and damaged the food chain, poisonous water sprinkled in air through fountains, smog from Chimney affected local flora, fauna and health of the local residents. Continuous protests by locals and reporting in media has fallen on deaf ears of the officials concerned


Johi, March 12.