PTI’s 20th Foundation Day is looming ever closer and closer, and it appears that the party wants it to be celebrated with a twist this year.

Preparations are afoot to make this anniversary memorable, not just for its supporters, but the country at large. Imran Khan is making plans to hold his next sit-in Raiwind and with the government not reacting to his demands, it seems that he might get his wish after all.

One big problem however, with Imran Khan’s grand scheme is that his claim of representing the wishes of the people is false. Contrary to what he believes, his party is not the biggest opposition of the country. If he really wants to represent the will of the people, then bringing other parties on board with the march would be necessary. As it stands, PTI, while entirely justified in its demands for an impartial investigation, does not have legitimate reasons for its actions, which might prove to be its undoing once more. Reportedly, prominent leaders such as Shah Mehmood Qureshi have started approaching leaders of PPP and JI for support, but might not get it, for its increasingly hostile rhetoric against the government. And in any case, there should be no sit-in until there is irrefutable proof that the Prime Minister is corrupt.

Asking for the resignation of the Prime Minister is also unwise, considering the last time this demand was made, Imran Khan based the success of his Azadi March on a condition that never made any sense. Before anything is proven with regards to the Panama Leaks, asking for a resignation again is premature.

The public will not buy that the only reason for postponing the intra-party elections is to focus on the march. Anyone even slightly skeptical would instead think that the march to Raiwind is being orchestrated to deflect attention away from conflict within the party. What was simmering under the surface has finally been brought to the forefront with the advent of intra-party elections. The tussle between Chaudhry Sarwar and Jahangir Tareen’s Unity group versus Shah Mehmood Qureshi, in partnership with Shafqat Mehmood and Hamid Khan’s Nazriati Group is now public, with the former accused of using their vast stores of wealth to influence the ideological trajectory of PTI in the years to come. The Nazriati Group claims that it is looking to take PTI back to its ideological roots instead. Postponing the elections will not drive this divide away, instead it will only cause more strife later. PTI needs to get its own house in order before it starts its new march, or else, Imran Khan may be forced to eat his words once more.