BAHAWALPUR-The district police arrested 2,583 outlaws including 1,123 wanted criminals during operations conducted during first three months of the ongoing year

The police also busted 368 criminals belonging to 24 different gangs and recovered booty and other valuables worth Rs176 million from them.

According to police, the accused were involved in different cases of heinous crime like murder, robbery, robbery-cuim-murder and drug-peddling.

During a crackdown on illegal weapons, the police arrested 214 criminals and recovered seven Kalashnikovs, 29 rifles, 60 guns, 187 revolvers, 10 carbines and 29,132 bullets from their possession. In a crackdown against drug-dealers, the police arrested 343 outlaws and recovered 46.6 kg of hashish, 6kg of opium, 12,413 bottles of liquor from them.

Similarly, the police arrested 348 gamblers during crackdown on gambling dens. Likewise, the police arrested 952 criminals of Category A and B.

THREE NICKED WITH ILLEGAL ARMS: The police claimed to have held three outlaws with illegal arms during search operations conducted in different areas of the district here the other day.

According to police, operations were conducted in Hasilpur and Yazman circles in collaboration with other law-enforcement agencies. During the search, the police arrested Muhammad Aamir and recovered a pistol with six rounds. Similarly, Muhammad Lateef was arrested with 12 bore gun and 30 cartridges. In Chak 47/DNB near Ahmadpur Road, the police arrested Abdus Shakur and recovered 8mm rifle from him.

The police registered cases against the accused and started investigation. In the meanwhile, the police also verified about 107 persons through biometric device. On the occasion, the Bahawalpur DPO said that operations are being conducted under National Action Plan, adding the police have adopted zero tolerance towards the outlaws.