BAHAWALPUR-Foolproof security arrangements have been made throughout Bahawalpur Region in connection with Easter while 167 programmes will be held throughout the region to celebrate the event.

For their security, more than 1,450 officials including 16 DSPs, 40 Inspectors, 380 sub inspectors, 380 upper subordinates and 1,025 lower subordinates will be deployed.

Regional Police Officer Idrees Ahmad said while issuing the directions to the district police officers regarding that for maintaining the peace situation all the resources be utilised and ensure the security of the public especially minorities. Parking lots be established at least 300 meter away from the churches; special cards be issued to officials deployed on security and it be ensured that all officials display their cards along with their uniforms, he directed.

During prayers rooftops of the churches, officials be deployed. A vigilant eye be kept on the extremists and people included in the fourth schedule, throughout the region, he directed. He said that other intelligence and security departments ensure their coordination with the police to maintain peace.

All the programmes of Easter and Good Friday will be recorded through video cameras, search operation be conducted in the surrounding residential areas of Churches, along with the human resources technical equipment to monitor the situation. On the occasion, control rooms were established in the regional and district offices under the supervision of the DSPs.