KARACHI - Frontier Works Organization (FWO) on Wednesday clarified that it had chopped only 200 trees at M-9 motorway between Karachi and Hyderabad. 

FWO spokesperson, in a statement, unequivocally clarified that hardly 200 trees including shrubs had been cut down for the construction of ‘Karachi Toll Plaza’ to meet the demand for a 12-lane motorway at the desired location.  

“It is however worth mentioning that before cutting the trees and shrubs, FWO sought permission from forestry department through a letter written on April 3 2017.  

As far as the duties and moral obligations of FWO towards environmental issues are concerned, it is also elaborated that FWO is already planting Neem and Palm trees along both sides of M-9 motorway according to a very comprehensive plan. The process of plantation is being done under codes of environmental studies,” the spokesperson added. 

It is worth to mentioning here that an NGO National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) had claimed that Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) chopped down around 5820 trees along Super Highway to contract M-9 motorway.