Islamabad - Higher Education Commission (HEC), on Wednesday vowed to work against malnutrition through promoting research on nutrition, said an official.

The commission had joined hands with ‘Scaling Up Nutrition’ (SUN) movement working under United Nations.

The development took place during a meeting of Gerda Verburg, Assistant Secretary General, SUN Movement along with a team of the Committee on Nutrition with Dr Arshad Ali, Executive Director.

The meeting was also attended by Dr Mazhar Saeed, Director General, Planning and Development, HEC, Dr Latif, Adviser, Research and Development, HEC, Dr Ashraf, member Council for Nutrition and other senior officials.   

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Arshad Ali said that HEC has been promoting research based on solutions to social issues, adding that nutrition and food security are very important areas which need to be focused in research activities.

He assured the SUN team of full cooperation in advocacy and promotion of nutrition through the higher education sector.

He stressed the need for coordination between academia and private sector with regard to awareness about importance of nutrition particularly for women and children.

He urged the committee on nutrition and HEC curriculum committee to discuss the procedure to promote significance of nutrition in a proper way. He underlined that an action plan should be devised to move forward.

He emphasized that the real life problems regarding nutrition should be identified for research. “Execution of such plans needs to be ensured in letter and spirit,” he concluded.

In her remarks, Gerda Verburg said that a transparent system needs to be developed to concentrate on health insurance of employees of an organization.

Expressing concerns regarding malnutrition among female population, she stressed the need for focus on availability of nutritious food for women and children.