LAHORE:- Quaid-e-Azam started wearing the traditional northern head gear, the Qaraquli cap, Achkan and shaiwar circa 1937. Result? It was in vogue instantly. Later we saw that from Ayub to Bhutto to Zia, everyone started sporting the Jinnah Cap’.

Pakistanis are fashion conscious, they pick up fads and follow zealously. When the West introduced bell bottoms.. yes, you’re right, there were bell bottoms everywhere, Loose clothing and Pakistanis aped. High heels and bearers of the green flag obliged. I am hirsutely challenged but, believe me, the hairstyles of Elvis Presley, Waheed Murad, Indian celebrities and others have been copied religiously. Come to automobiles. When Nissan Patrol hit the market in the nineties, it became the new status symbol along with the traditional Merc. Rado was and is still largely our fashion watch.

One wonders that with Pakistan faced with problems left, right and center and since we are so fashionable, what if somehow, we found it fashionable to be a tolerant, law abiding, tax paying nation. Why don’t we adopt ‘Patriotism’ as a fashion’? Why can’t we put Pakistan first as a new Fashion? Let’s make Pakistan a ‘fashion district’, where doing the right thing will be all the rage. It’s time for us to generate fashions of intrinsic value (fruitful fashions) rather than merely following trends that don’t go deeper than the surface. We can have the fad of integrity and since all trends are contagious, the ripple of goodness will spread.

Wait a minute. Something is missing. How do fashions start? We need heroes to look up to, right’? We’re in luck; we have the coalition of the corrupt (just kidding). Imran Khan, despite having weaknesses, is clearly head and shoulders above the rest. He is the one who’s been crying hoarse about all three ‘fashions’ i.e tolerance (inter and intra religious), rule ol law and taxation. Believe me, the gazillion other problems are offshoots. Let’s pray that these three things become in vogue and the new Fashion is ‘Patriotism’.

 By Dr Muhammad Nadeem Khawaja