GUJRANWALA-Citizens were deprived of cash, gold ornaments, vehicles and other valuables in 21 different robbery and theft incidents.

According to police, armed men intercepted Munir and snatched Rs60,000 and a cellphone while in Aroop area, Farooq was deprived of Rs50,000 and a cellphone at gunpoint. In the Saddr Police precincts, robbers looted Rs80,000, a cellphone and gold chain from Imran while in Gakhar Mandi, bandits snatched Rs75,000, gold rings and a cellphone from Aslam.

In Tatley, dacoits took away Rs40,000, gold ornaments and a cellphone from Anwar and his family while Nazir was deprived of Rs60,000 and a cellphone. In Nowshera Virkan, armed men snatched Rs45,000, a cellphone and wrist watch while at Qila Didar Singh, bandits looted Rs90,000, a cellphone and gold chain from Abdul Aziz. In Alipur Chatha, robbers took away Rs60,000 and a cellphone from Haroon while in the Khiali Police precincts, dacoits looted Rs40,000, gold ornaments and cell phones from Sohail and his family.

On the other hand, thieves took away cash, gold ornaments and other valuables from the houses of Farrukh, Bilal, Shabbir, Idrees, Rashid and Waleed in different theft incidents.

Similarly, cars of Noor Muhammad and motorcycles of Shoaib, Arshad, Hammad and Rizwan were lifted from different areas of the district.

In Tatley Wali, armed men snatched Rs50 thousands , two cell phones and a gold chain on gun point, in civil lines bandits looted Rs40 thousands and cell phone from Ishaq, in Gakhar dacoits took away Rs. 50 thousands, gold ornaments and cell phones from Asmat and his family, in Khiali Nabi Ahmed was deprived of Rs43 thousands and cell phone, at Baghbanpura armed men snatched Rs30 thousands, two cell phones and gold ring from Shabbir, in Lahdewala Warriach bandits looted Rs. 70 thousands, three cell phones and gold ring from Qasid, at Nowshera Virkan Ahmed Raza was deprived of Rs. 55 thousands, gold ring and cell phone by swindlers, in Sadar police station limit dacoits took away Rs. 30 thousands and cell phone from Saleem, in Gakhar Mandi armed men looted Rs20 thousands and cell phone from Gul Sher. Abdul Rehman was also deprived of Rs70 thousands and cell phone in this area, at ladhewala Warriach bandits snatched Rs40 thousands, cell phone and gold chain from Kazim, in Sadar Wazirabad area Ashraf was deprived of Rs30 thousnads and two cell phones on gun point, in theft incidents unknown thieves swept the shops of Imran, Owais and Ehsan while car of Mubashir and motorcycles of Nasir and Hafeez were stolen from different places.