After receiving honorary citizenship of Canada, Noble Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai charmed the Canadian Parliament with her sense of humour.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was central to many of Malala’s jokes.

“People always talk about him, they say he is second youngest Prime Minister of Canada, he does yoga, he has tattoos and lot more,” Malala said jokingly.

Malala further mentioned that when she was coming to Canada, everyone advised her to shake hands with Justin Trudeau and let them know how he looks like in reality.

“People were just so exciting about me meeting Trudeau that I don’t think anyone cared about Canadian Honorary Citizenship,” joked Malala.

The Nobel Laureate however gave a message to Canadian children.

“You don’t have to be as old as very young Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to be a leader,” she stated.

At end of her speech, Malala gave a subtle message to Donald Trump as well.

“I pray that you continue to open your hearts and doors to the world’s most defenseless children and families,” she said, talking about Trudeau.

“And I hope your neighbors will follow your example.”