In a tribute video, legendary batsman Younis Khan shared his career, legacy and passion for the game as he took a trip down the memory lane.

The release by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shows Khan talking about his first run in Test cricket, his memorable innings and about his legacy after retirement.

“My most memorable run was my first run in Test cricket which is scored against Sri Lanka in 2000 in Rawalpindi and I will always remember that,” Khan said.

While talking about his memorable innings in Test cricket, iconic batsman shared that his 2002-03 innings of 149 against New Zealand is one of his most memorable innings.

“I will always cherish my innings against India in Calcutta and 200 in Bangalore,” he added. “175 against Australia, recent 200 against England and above all 300 in Pakistan in front of home crowd are unforgettable,” Khan said.

While talking about his celebration style, Khan stated that he wants to do many things like handing over bat or glove to someone in crowd. “But we don’t have home crowd so that is why I don’t do any of this. In front of your own crowd you can do such things,” said Khan.

“But after compelting my 10,000 runs in next series, I will request the umpire and other team to stop the match for five minutes so that I can do my celebration as it is my last series,” shared Younis Khan.

On question of his legacy, Younis Khan replied that he wants to be a respected symbol after he leaves the dressing room.

“I want that after my retirement young players take me as a role model and talk positive about me behind my back, which will be the most important for me” Khan shared.

On April 8, Younis Khan announced retirement from international cricket.

West Indies tour will be his last with Pakistan cricket team.

While addressing a press conference the star batsman stated that he was under severe pressure as people was asking him not take retirement. 

"But I think this is the right time for me to leave sport as I want to leave on high note," he said. 

The veteran batsman further added that retirement does not mean that he will leave cricket. 

"I will remain contacted with cricket in some other form," Khan added. I just want to say that If I have done any mistake, I want to apologize for this," he said.