LAHORE-The logo of action-packed movie Zarrar, which claimed to be most expensive film in Pakistan cinema industry, has been unveiled.

Speaking about the logo design executive producer Adnan Butt said that the finalized logo depicts the conundrum around which the whole storyline revolves tiny the enemies within. The way it integrates all the minute details like the cracks and flying splinters in the logo add motion and energy but sticks to the feel of the entire plot.

Speaking about the movie Shaan said, “Zarrar is an action thriller film, one of its kind, it’s not just about helicopters and guns, its based on a conspiracy, more like our take on the Pakistani bond. Zarrar will prove to be a turning point in the Pakistani film industry where it will prove that Pakistani cinema has the capability to make proper action films”.

The much anticipated action thriller is currently in production, to be released later in 2017. Produced by 5th Dimension films UK in association with Awais Rauf of the Jehan films Pakistan, the movie starring Shaan Shahid, as the protagonist, currently being filmed in three different locations; UK, Pakistan and Turkey. The movie is set to mark the debut of Kiran Malik and Adnan Butt. Veteran actors like Nadeem Baig will also be seen in Zarrar.