Islamabad - Digital transformation is the top priority for Pakistan’s technology experts to transform industry verticals and daily lives, speakers said on Thursday. The global digital transformation enabler SAP organized an event for the promotion of technology advancement and services in the country.

The statement said that Pakistani business leaders at SAP NOW agreed with global research that shows 84 percent of organizations rate digital transformation as critical by 2022, according to the recent landmark SAP Digital Transformation Executive Study, conducted in partnership with Oxford Economics. “Digital Leaders” are finding 23 percent higher revenue, 85 percent market share, and 80 percent profitability.

However, as the survey shows only 3 percent of organizations have undergone digital transformation, Pakistan’s CIOs are accelerating digital transformation; aligned with Pakistan Vision 2025 and corridor goals economic growth, smart government, and smart Cities.

“Digitization is the top priority for Pakistan’s CIOs to solve real-world challenges, from enhancing healthcare with digital patient records, to mitigating climate change by predicting floods,” said Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director SAP Pakistan. “SAP NOW emphasizes on displaying emerging technologies — such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, block chain, which can make a major mark on Pakistan’s society.”

Digital and mobile solutions in Banking and Finance are enhancing customer service with predictive analytics and targeted services.  Pension funds are also digitizing for efficiency and transparency. With 45 percent of Pakistan’s population working in agriculture, according to the Ministry of Finance, mobile connectivity is enabling digital weather reports in Urdu, and soil quality measurement.

As connected education campuses advance, the education sector is seeing strong potential for digital technologies to enable project collaboration, real-time grading, and virtual reality field trips.