LAHORE - Ajoka’s Azadi Theatre Festival concluded with an exciting performance of spectacular political play ‘Charing Cross’, specially produced to mark 70th anniversary of Pakistan, at Alhamra Hall 1 on Thursday.

The three-day festival proved an enormous success as audiences from different walks of life, including Brinksmeier from German Embassy, theatre activists, performers and students from various educational institutions attended the festival and enjoyed the powerful thematic performances.

The play featured fresh talent besides Ajoka’s regular performing troupe, which performed flawlessly. Acclaimed senior actor Arshad Durrani performed the role of famous political worker of Pakistan People’s Party ‘Saen Hara’ and got standing ovation from the audience.

The production overall reflected the motivating spirit through songs, dance and humour while narrating a grim and sorrowful tale, something which Ajoka has attempted to do over the past 34 years. The festival was a continuation of Ajoka’s theatre events to mark the 70th anniversary of independence.

Ajoka Executive Director Shahid Mehmood Nadeem said that Azadi Festival also marked 34th anniversary of Ajoka’s inception. Ajoka believes in promotion of young talent, that’s why two young groups were invited to perform.