KARACHI - All City Tajir Ittehad Association would go on strike against the unannounced power loadshedding in the metropolis by K-Electric administration.

The traders demanded to stop unannounced prolonged power suspension and reduce the timing of announced loadshedding on immediate basis. The traders said that if their demands were not met within 72 hours then they would observe token shutter down strike of two hours on everyday till eradication of unannounced power suspension.

They were stated while addressing a press conference at central office of All City Tajir Ittehad Association after a joint meeting of officer bearers of various traders associations including All City Tajir Ittehad Association, Sindh Tajir Ittehad Association, Liaqutabad Tajir Alliance, Medicine Market Association, National Medicine Market Association, Karachi Electronics Dealers Associations, Sarafa Market Association, Printing Press Association and other traders associations.

The traders warned that case will be lodged against K-Electric administration in case of any loss of live in the metropolis with cause of heatstroke and any robbery will occur in any shop. The traders said that market associations placed banners against K-Electric in all markets of the city if the private power company will not stop the unannounced power loadshedding within above said ultimatum then traders and citizens will take step of social boycott of KE and will not pay their monthly electricity bills. 

The traders expressed concern over the silent role of Sindh government and pathetic attitude of K-Electric, said that it seems that 12 to 14 hours prolong unannounced power suspension have made in the commercial of hub of the city with a conspiracy to destruct economy of the country. The traders said that we have not any intension to observe any strike and stage protest in the city but current situation forced the traders to stage protest and shut their business.

President of All City Tajir Ittehad Association Sharjeel Goplani said that traders had have repeatedly demanding the Sindh government and K-Electric to formulate a strategy to provide uninterrupted power supply before the summer season but unfortunately concern authorities did pay heed on the issue. “K-Electric has blackmailed to the government and masses of the city after creating artificial power crisis in the metropolis during ongoing scorching weather”, he added.

The traders said that their 72 hours ultimatum will complete on Saturday if their demands will not fulfill by the concern authorities then we will start their protest drive. They informed that in the first phase of the protest drive traders will observe token shutter down strike on daily basis. Later, trader along with the citizens will take step of social boycott of K-Electric and stop the payment of monthly electricity bills.

The traders demanded that police, rangers and other law enforcement agencies will not create any hurdle in their peaceful protest against the private power company and law enforcement agencies to force the power company to fulfill their legal demands.