LAHORE - In the past few years, Pakistan’s fashion industry has no doubt matured and developed a more organised infrastructure of fashion weeks but another factor that has taken firm root along the warp and weft of Pakistan fashion is the star power.  Recently actress Zara Noor Abbas called out models for mocking her walk on the ramp as a showstopper for Huma Adnan’s brand FNK Asia at the first day of Fashion Pakistan Week.

After facing a lot of criticism Zara Noor shared a video on Instagram of models ridiculing her walk and wrote: “Hey Dear Stunning Models!! You girls look amazing in this video and thank you for making me learn a few things about the world. Now I can’t complain why women in the world have to fight so much for gender equality.

“That is because women don’t build women. They bash at each other like this. It’s so sad for all the people who are trying to empower women they don’t know that it is the women who don’t let each other grow.” She added: “I am an actor, not a model. I can’t even imagine being a model. It is so effortlessly amazing and tiring at the same time. But as an entertainer, it is my job to entertain my audiences. And that’s what I did with my walk which was based on the theme of a warrior princess thus the belt and the boots were incorporated in my outfit. That is why designers choose actors as showstoppers for their walks. To add more drama. Some liked it, some didn’t. My designer was happy and so was I. But anyway, all the best for tonight. Run the world, Girls.”