ISLAMABAD   -   Bus stands of important sectors of federal capital like G-9 and I-11 lack basic facilities for the passengers as they do not have sufficient arrangement of clean drinking water, sanitation, cooling and sitting area.

These bus stands, which fall under the administrative control of Capital Development Authority (CDA), are mainly considered as the busiest stations providing transport facilities to more than ten cities and a huge number of people use these stations on regular basis.

Talking to this agency on Friday, a regular commuter Ahmed Raza said, being one of the most important cities of the country he expected more services and facilitation, but CDA was not giving proper attention towards the issues being faced by the public.

He said that due to the non-availability of clean drinking water people were compelled to buy bottled water which was not affordable for everyone.

Another passenger Hamza Abbas, travelling to Lahore from the G-9 bus stand said that Capital Development Authority should have proper monitoring mechanism for bus stands to ensure availability of basic facilities to the passengers.

He was of the view that unavailability of water at bus station seems to be silent agreement between the contractors and tuck shop owners.

He explained that tuck shops claimed extra price for bottled water and other refreshments by giving a reason that they were giving high rent to the contractor.