Pakistan has suffered from the menace of corruption since its birth. Almost, every political party that comes in power claims to eliminate this evil practice of corruption from the country. Similarly, the current PTI-led government has claimed to eradicate such sordid practice of corruption. Were they successful? Well, time will tell.

Further, to keep the made claims, Prime Minister Imran Khan has put his unfeigned efforts to counter corruption. In this connection, the Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on Friday offered Pakistan sincere cooperation in combating corruption to avert losses to the national economy. Moreover, he supported the idea of an exchange of information between the two nations in order to fight corruption.

Undoubtedly, corruption hampers the socio-economic development of the masses of any nation. Truly, it is unfortunate that the country has had an extremely negative impact of corruption on the constant growth and progress of the nation for the past many decades. Eliminating such a menace is a big challenge for the incumbent government. Nevertheless, one can still hope and pray that the regime may succeed in its mission of fighting corruption.


Shikarpur, March 25.