The generation, I belong to, have witnessed the peak of test cricket era with six test playing countries from three continents (Asia, Europe, and Australia) and the Caribbean playing throughout the year in England, Australia and Asian

Among all six Test-playing nations, the cricket team of New Zeeland was comparatively a humble cricket side with its performance in test matches mostly at the lowest ebb. Still, the country had produced a wonderful all-rounder cricketer Richard Hadlee who used play rival cricket teams with his fast bowling. Nevertheless, hardly would be able to bring the results in favor of his team yet he is remembered as a great fighter. Now after three decades down the era of Richard Hadlee, the world has witnessed an iron personality emerged on the land of kiwis. Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister has emerged as true statesperson worthy of leading an honorable Nation like kiwis in the backdrop of a gruesome act of a terrorist against humanity.

The terrorist and his handlers have chosen the land, a land where peace has prevailed for centuries. The nameless terrorist has not only spilled out the blood of innocents who were praying in the house of their Creator but has also stained New Zealand with blood.

Jacinda has now stood up to heal the wounds of the Muslim community especially the aggrieved families but also for saving the peaceful image of her country. Jacinda sowed the seed of universal harmony among humanity and these efforts of her would re-write the history if other world leaders, especially from western countries, tread in the footsteps of Jacinda.

Though there was no comparison and relevant reference between cricketer Richard Hadlee and Jacinda Ardern yet our generation knew New Zealand here to fore because of former and now will know because of the latter.


Karachi, March 25.