LAHORE    -    Sindh Food Authority (SFA) has imposed a ban, with immediate effect, on imported products in which ingredients are not completely mentioned in Urdu or English or both languages, imported meat and meat products without authentic halal certification. SFA through a recently issued notification has also imposed a ban on agriculture produce cultivated through wastewater/sewage water and usage of ammonia and detergent in sweets, dairy and dairy products.

Pakistan FMCG Importers Association (PFIA) Chairman Anjum Nisar and Senior Vice Chairman Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer welcoming the steps taken by the Sindh Food Authority (SFA) said that their Association stands with all the authorities which are working for the provision of pure, quality and hygienic food to the consumers in the country. Nevertheless, they said that the tradition of imposing such decisions without taking the stakeholders on board should be stopped. He said imposing such decisions with immediate effect is also not sensible as imported items are manufactured in other countries and consume some time to sail to Pakistani ports.