LAHORE (PR) Pakistani people can overcome every difficulty because they have the courage to do so. This nation has a marvellous past. Pakistan is a beautiful country and its people are highly hospitable.

These views were expressed by the member of Rotary International Cecilia Polizzi of Germany during her visit to Aiwan-i-Karkunan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan Lahore. Newly-elected Governor of Rotary International District 3272 for 2021-22 Saifullah Ejaz, leading political and social activist Begum Mehnaz Rafi and Rotarian Dr Agha Yaqoob Zia were also present on the occasion.

NPT Secretary General Shahid Rasheed welcomed the guests at the Aiwan.

Cecilia Polizzi said she was visiting Pakistan for the first time and she got the opportunity of travelling to Faisalabad and Lahore. She said she was happy to interact with Pakistanis who carry positive and constructive approach towards life. She said she got the opportunity to address the annual conference of Rotary Pakistan in Faisalabad where she spoke on the role of children and youth in peace initiatives and conflict resolution. She said she was highly satisfied with the encouraging response from the participants of the conference.

She said she was active with a group of UN working on child welfare, especially those confronted with wars and conflicts around the world. She said good education, health, food and life is the fundamental right of every child. The use of young children in wars and conflicts as a soldier is equal to depriving them of their rights. She said she was also active on the platform of Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. She said the human race is facing various challenges today, however, they are not as big as they were in the past. “We cannot change our past but we can work on improving our future,” she said.

Earlier, she was briefed about the objectives and activities of the Nazaria-i Pakistan Trust and Pakistan Movement Trust. She lauded both the institutions and pointed out that focusing on youth is the best strategy and it belongs to the future of Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Saifullah Ejaz said Rotary was active in human welfare tasks over the last 1 years and its scope is enlarging with every passing day. Rotary International funded to eradicate polio from the world and this disease has totally eliminated in many parts of the world.

Shahid Rasheed said Rotary International has played a vital role in the protection of human health and other social sectors. He stressed on close cooperation between the Trust and Rotary International.