It is to draw the attention of the Balochistan government towards the University of Turbat. There are a few permanent teachers and all others are visiting teachers. We want some permanent Ph.D. holder teachers so they can create an educational environment with their outstanding efforts.

However, unluckily, the university lacks Ph.D. holder teachers and there we can get a huge number of fellow or visiting teachers who have recently done their masters from the same university. Still, they do not have their degrees in their hands so how they can be capable for teaching but university authority has given the risk of those students’ lives in their hands who themselves always do root learning and teach the students. Approximately, 1000 students take admission in Turbat University annually. Unfortunately, due to the shortage of teachers, the education system of Turbat is going down and students are facing massive problems.

Therefore, I request the incumbent government to appoint some Ph.D. and MPhil level teachers to run the University of Turbat.


Turbat, March 26.