Allah has blessed us with hands to eat and work, feet to walk around, mouth to eat and taste, ears to hear and nose to smell. We usually are not thankful enough for the blessings Allah has bestowed on us. We take things for granted and are not respectful to our bodies as well as the environment. The recent dangerous outbreak of the COVID-19 virus might have been an outcome of some complex mutations, but we as humans have provided cause for this. We have no regard for the environment, which we have been destroying and polluting for decades. Similarly, we don’t keep our surroundings clean providing breeding grounds for various diseases. We either put everything on the government or are indifferent to our environment. Even if the government tries to make rules, we defy those and then expect things to be perfect. This is exactly what is happening in the wake of the Novel Corona Virus outbreak. The government is pleading to follow social and physical distancing guidelines, avoid public gatherings to help stop the spread of this virus. However, many are not following the instructions blatantly disregarding the distancing and lockdown orders as if they are immune to falling prey to this deadly virus. Worst this is that they don’t realise that by doing so, they not only endanger their own lives but also expose the entire country to the deadly Coronavirus. If we defy Allah’s orders to lead a clean life and ignore the plea of the government to stay indoors, we are on the path of self-destruction. May Allah give us the wisdom to protect ourselves and others from this virus.