Karachi - People with diabetes were not more prone to contracting coronavirus as compared to general population but they had a higher chance of experiencing serious complications from COVID-19, experts said on Sunday and advised such patients to get their diabetes controlled by consulting their physicians, dose adjustments, following a diet plan and resorting to regular exercise.

“Diabetics have equal chances of contracting coronavirus but if a person with diabetes gets infected with this virus, he or she is more likely to experience serious complications of the disease.

“We advise people with diabetes to consult their physicians before the holy month of Ramadan, either in person or through telemedicine, get dosage of their medicines and insulin adjusted for Ramadan and learn about precautionary measures for safe fasting in this time of coronavirus pandemic,” said Prof. Yaqoob Ahmedani while delivering an awareness talk online titled Diabetes and Ramadan here on Sunday.

“In addition to reducing weight, fasting in the holy month of Ramadan also helps in quitting smoking and other addictions”, he said and advised people with diabetes to get their sugar monitored during fasting.