LAHORE - Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has congratulated the Christian community living in the country on their religious festival Easter.

In his message issued on Sunday, the minister said that the message of Hazrat Isa AS (Jesus Christ peace be upon him) about love was a universal message and that was the time when love was the most needed thing in the world.

He said the world was fighting coronavirus pandemic and waiting for any miracle from God which might eliminate this disease. He urged the Christian community specially to pray for early elimination of this pandemic to save the humanity on their special day and stay at home for their protection.

Punjab Agriculture Minister, Malik Nauman Ahmed Langrial also conveyed his felicitations to the Christian community on Easter, the religious festival of Christians.  In his message issued, he said that the Christian community while celebrating Easter must maintain social distancing, a vitally needed protective measure against COVID-19.

He appreciated that all minorities in Pakistan were enjoying equal rights, adding that Christian community had played an important role in the development of the country. However, he regretted with sorrow that in India, which claims to be a secular country, Modi’s government made the lives of Muslims very difficult and miserable.

Punjab minister for Human Rights & Minorities Affairs (HR&MA), Ijaz Alam Augustine provided his heartiest fecilitations to the entire community on the occasion of Easter, saying that masses should strictly follow the preventive measures being enforced by concerned departments to avert coronavirus.

He said that all minorities in Pakistan were enjoying equal rights and the government was taking steps for their welfare.  In a statement, he said that government of Punjab imposed Section 144 and Health Emergency to ensure life safety for every citizen. In this context he called to practice social distancing as a major preventive factor.

It may be noted that all over the province the Christian community attended prayers of Easter from their homes through on-line system. They prayed for peace, prosperity and development of their beloved homeland and also for the eradication of Coronavirus from across the globe.   Meanwhile, Child Protection & Welfare Bureau (CP&WB) Chairperson Sarah Ahmed greeted Christian community on Easter and said that true message of Easter was love, joy and happiness.

In a message, she said that today Christian communities around the world including Pakistan were celebrating Easter with solemnity in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. “We congratulate the Christian community and share their happiness on Easter, adding that Easter is a day for spending time with the destitute and deserving persons and sharing their joy.” she added.