FAISALABAD -Growers have been advised to start cultivation of peanut as the month of April is conducive for its cultivation and bumper crop. Agriculture department sources said on Sunday that farmers should sow recommended varieties of peanut for bumper yield. The experts are available for the assistance of peanuts growers and they should contact them for guidance. Whereas Agriculture experts have also advised the growers to start cultivation of cotton crop after mid of April to minimise the risks of pests’ attack ,especially the pink bollworm.

According to spokesman of agriculture department, farmers were prohibited to cultivate cotton before 15th of April. However, after mid April the farmers should immediately start cotton cultivation and use hybrid, approved varieties if they want to get maximum yield and financial benefits.

Approved varieties of cotton include CIM-496, CIM-506, CIM-554, CIM-573, MNH-786, CRSM-38, PH-167, FH-942, NIAB-852, NIAB-777, NIAB-846, SLH-317, etc. and the farmers must cultivate on maximum land.However, detailed information in this regard can be obtained from agri free helpline 0800-15000 and 0800-29000.