LAHORE - Kh. Jalal-ud-Din Rumi an eminent industrialist and head of Mehmood Group of industries called on Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar and apprised him about the collective efforts being made with the government in order to effectively cope up with coronavirus situation in Multan. Usman Buzdar thanked the industrialists and traders’ community for extending their maximum cooperation to the government in its endeavours to eradicate coronavirus pandemic across the province including Multan. He further maintained that Punjab government holds the cooperation of philanthropists in high esteem as poor people are facing distress and further urged the philanthropists and affluent people to extend maximum help and assistance to the corona affectees. He further stated that Punjab government has undertaken all necessary measures in order to protect and safeguard lives of the masses and appealed to the citizens not to get out of their houses without genuine need or reason. He emphasized that citizens by fully implementing on preventive measures can not only protect themselves but others also. Coronavirus patients are being provided best treatment and healthcare facilities, he added. He also commended those industrialists for paying salaries and arrears to the labour community in this hour of distress as their gesture is praiseworthy and worth emulating. He further said that those who are fighting a battle with coronavirus on the front line are highly valuable and important for us and will never be left alone, concluded Usman Buzdar. Kh. Jalal-ud-Din Rumi assured Usman Buzdar that Mahmood Group of Industries is supporting the endeavours of the government for complete eradication of coronavirus pandemic from day one. We have donated our part of share in the corona relief fund of Prime Minister Imran Khan and will stand with the government in this hour of difficulty and distress.