The President of United States Donald Trump has ordered to mine the Moon. What’s the reason behind it? Isn't Earth full of resources? What makes trump so ambitious about Moon mining? The mystery is here:

One of the most powerful country well-equipped with latest technology, resilience and one of the best economy is lacking the natural resources. The countries like China and Russia are rich in minerals like Lithium and Cobalt. The US is arch rival of these both countries, there is no question if Trump Regime making deal with them and ordering the resources with none of the rivals to water the deal. The unprecedented act of mining the Moon is nothing but a road to fulfill the US's energy resource pond.

Some sources say, "The Moon can become 'an interstellar petrol station' - because it has all the resources needed for rocket fuel - like Hydrogen and Oxygen in order to explore the universe among stars or far beyond." The Professor of Energy Policy at University of Sussex, Dr Benjamin says, "Mining more materials in space can help build items such as electric cars - which will be good for the environment and climate change in the long-term." The world is moving towards renewable resources so the Moon too has those resources.

Besides making sense and strategy to do anything there is always a legal permission to states or government to work on. The Washington has no sign of the permission yet as Trump has stated, "No international law would apply on US efforts into space".

The Earth was formed around 4.54 billion years ago, approximately one-third the age of the universe, man came and occupied the space and then process went on and law came into process that everyone possessing property shall get legal framework authorised by government to claim the area, but in space? "The Moon Treaty," it was intentionally developed by the Legal Subcommittee for the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) from 1972-79. It was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in Resolution 34/68 and opened for signature in 1979, but was not placed in force until June 1984 when the fifth country, named Austria, ratified it. The treaty was ratified by six countries. Four countries, including France and India, are endorser, and seven countries have accepted it, including Australia.

The United States, the Russian Federation (former Soviet Union), and the China have neither signed, acceded, nor ratified it, which has led to the conclusion that it is a failure from the standpoint of international law. Due to its failure the Trump Administration has good point to mine it and own what it gets. Although the space journalists say, "No country can claim to own the Moon, but currently it's like maritime law, if you go there, find it and mine it - it's yours to keep."

One of the sight seeking argument left was that probably in next centuries, the supreme creature would be moving towards the space that’s why its exploration is necessary. Russia and China may intervene as no tiger wants another one have more of the forest. The US hunger for minerals seems precipitated or would lead to rebellion and somehow, may be nothing but more of an arrow in the air.

Either it happens in our lifetime or not, definitely it's a big project and such projects take time but living on the edge of technology and most interestingly many of the private companies are showing keen interest in this project. Let’s see what happens!