HYDERABAD - After cancellation of the annual Urs celebration of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (RA) due to the health emergency in the country, a simple ceremony was held in Sehwan, Jamshoro district, on Sunday to mark the Urs. The Chief Administrator Auqaf Munawar Mahesar and Manager Auqaf Zubair Ahmed Baloch laid chaddars separately at the shrine of the saint.

Manager Auqaf Zubair Ahmed said only five persons from the department attended the ceremony. “The devotees weren’t allowed to enter the shrine,” he told.

The 768th annual Urs celebration of great saint Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic, as per schedule Urs was being celebrated from Shuaban 18 to 20 every year at Sehwan Sharif Meanwhile, over a hundred devotees gathered outside the shrine in the morning and tried to perform Dhamal, a mystic dance. However, the police dispersed the crowd minutes after they had gathered.

The staff of Auqaf Department, however, performed Dhamal inside the shrine to mark the Urs celebration.

The Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro Capt Fariddudin Mustafa earlier this week announced that the annual Urs celebration would not be organized due to the health emergency in the country.


Sehwan town, which is located 136 kilometers away from Jamshoro district, had reported 2 coronavirus positive cases.

Both of them were not belong to the town, they were identified as members of Tableeghi Jamat visiting Sehwan.