KARACHI - Federal Minister for Water and Power Faisal Vawda on Sunday said that the Sindh government has no plans regarding coronavirus, the strategy and vision provided by Prime Minister Imran Khan was the only solution for Pakistan to contain COVID-19.

Addressing a presser at his residence, Vawda said that the PTI was also willing to work in the constituencies of PPP and MQM without any discrimination.

He said, he and his friends had distributed ration among needy families of Baldia Town last week, and were again distributing the ration in these areas.

Faisal Vawda said that there were complaints about non provision of ration or misappropriation in the ration bags. He said, he handed over the ration bags to the teams formed by the residents of the area.

He was distributing ration among needy families of his constituency in his individual capacity, he added.

Sindh government has failed to provide relief to the people facing difficulties due to the province-wide lockdown. “The provinicial government has received Rs 25 million in funds where is that money?”, He questioned.

He alleged that the Sindh government was distributing expired oil of 2005. The federal government was making efforts to contain the outbreak of pandemic while the inefficiency of provinicial government on other hand was causing its advancement.

The federal minister said the Ehsaas program would surely remove deprivation of unprivileged to some extent. The Tiger Force would serve the masses without any discrimination. The federal government intends to provide ration to the needy at their doorsteps, he added.