ISLAMABAD - The irked residents of the Capital have demanded of the government to conduct a crackdown on the sellers and buyers of explosive materials. TheNation learnt that frequent use of crackers and squibs by youngsters proves to be extremely irksome for citizens. With the Independence Day approaching down the corner, the use of fireworks among youth is on a rapid increase. The youngsters of all the age groups resort to fireworks without being checked or hindered, thus leaving the masses on suffering end with the authorities concerned, paying no heed to the matter. Mostly, kids and young boys in early teens are using plethora of fireworks as a mark of jubilation to celebrate independence. The variety of fireworks that are being used these days include roman candles, catherine wheels, squibs, crackers and bengal lights. The lightening of candles, scented sticks and wicks provides pleasant sight of decoration, and is unique source of amusement on special occasions. However, the use of fireworks, most of which are explosive and fatal are adding to the miseries of the citizens. The frequent use of squibs, crackers, and gunpowder brings not only serious life threats but creates a lot of nuisance and noise. It is appropriate to mention that the sale, purchase, public exhibition or use of any explosive material is banned according to the law of land. But the indiscriminate exercise of such material not only undermines the writ of the government but also raises several questions pertaining to the integrity and efficiency of Police officials. TheNation learnt that majority of the residents of Capital endorses the harmless and peaceful use of fireworks by means of lightening and colours without explosions and noise. Aziz, a resident of G-9, urged the authorities concerned to make sure that no fatal explosives and gunpowder are available in the market. "Harmless lightening and decoration is a different thing. But the use of powerful crackers and heavy squibs poses serious threats and disturbance", she observed. Another resident Ishaq from the same sector said that he is prone to sleepless nights on account of indiscriminate use of crackers by youngsters in his neighbourhood. "I try to sleep as soon as the electricity is back. But I can't sleep due to these noisy crackers that keep on exploding after every few minutes throughout the night". The citizens ask the government to explain the reason of frequent selling of explosive material and gunpowder when the sale and purchase of such substances is banned across the country. "They should tell us why they are unable to stop those elements who are into such heinous business", demanded Ali Mujtaba. In addition, some residents maintained that civilized nations do not celebrate their independence in such uncivilized manner. "If we are to assert that we are an independent nation, then we have to excel in economy, industry and technology. Such superfluous stunts like fireworks and explosions cannot make us independent in real terms", said Zubair Irfan from I-9. The police officials of different police stations when contacted confirmed that the sale, purchase, exhibition or use of any explosive material is banned as per law of Pakistan. However, they could not come up with any satisfactory justification as to why the explosive material is frequently sold and purchased across Pakistan with the law enforcement authorities turning their back on their duties.