Impeachment process is on and now the axe has fallen. General Sahib, my advice won't matter but just listen to me. Every good thing must come to an end one day. That's the law of nature. You have done wonders for Pakistan. But now you have to go. As a general, you could not have dreamt of being head of the state for nine long years. And there you were, Mr General, as an uncrowned king. Ask your friend Bush. Even he has leave the White House. I understand, that your Army House very luxurious but you cannot stay there forever. Get out decently and walk away to the airport for a flight to a ranch in Texas. Maybe, you can export some corn and onion to the teeming millions you are leaving behind here. As a marketing man, let me advise you, you have a long-lasting market for your Texan growth in Pakistan. We will still be scrambling with your ingenious rule. Give some share to Shaukat Aziz and some percentage to his cabinet. Their contribution is relentless. Hold a yearly conference over there and give them a training course to talk. I assure you, General Sahib, I can even train Ch Shujaat, Wasi Zafar and the rest to communicate. My charges would be nominal. Good-bye. I won't miss you much.-AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, August 10.