ISLAMABAD - Federal Information Minister Sherry Rehman said Tuesday the impeachment motion against President Musharraf would be submitted in Parliament by next week and they had much more than the required votes to show the door to the military ruler. "They will move the resolution calling for the Joint Sitting of the Parliament sometime next week. We will have much more (votes) than we needed to impeach the President," Sherry Rehman told reporters after the meeting of the Task Committee drafting the impeachment resolution and the chargesheet against President Mushrraf. She further said that the process against President Musharraf had already been set in motion and Punjab and NWFP Assemblies had adopted the resolutions demanding of President to quit or take fresh vote of confidence with overwhelming majority and the Sindh and Balochistan Assemblies would follow the suit. Referring to the charges being framed against Musharraf, she said, "This is a powerful charge sheet that cannot be challenged by anyone in any court of law." PML(N) Senator Ishaq Dar, who is also member of the Task Committee, said the panel was preparing an unimpeachable document that could not be challenged. He too said the coalition had "much more than" the 295 votes needed in a Joint Sitting of the Parliament to impeach the President. "Even now, the parties concerned  should understand the situation and not waste time of the nation. The impeachment process could be avoided if President Musharraf quits. I believe that is the best option for him," Dar said. Though Rehman refused to give details about the charge sheet, other PPP and PML(N) leaders said in the past few days that the charges to be brought against Musharraf included incompetence, violating and subverting the Constitution, financial irregularities and pursuing policies that had brought Pakistan to the brink of an economic crisis. Ms Sherry said Musharraf's supporters had turned against him as was reflected by the voting on the resolution passed today (Tuesday) by the NWFP Assembly. "There were 107 votes against Musharraf and only four in his favour. Even the PPP-Sherpao, which earlier supported Musharraf, voted against him," she said. "This whole exercise is an exercise for a real transition to democracy," she said, adding that all democratic forces were together and voting for the return to democracy. "Nobody wants to be remembered on the wrong side of history in this historic and critical juncture in Pakistan's political life," she remarked. The ruling coalition was contacted by the Opposition PML-Q members and independents who wanted to support the impeachment motion. Once the process of the four Provincial Assemblies passing resolutions asking the President to seek a vote of confidence was completed, the impeachment motion would be moved in the National Assembly, she said. PPP leader Raza Rabbani, also a member of the panel drafting the charge sheet, said the impression that the impeachment motion could be challenged was wrong. "It can't be challenged at any forum. Any effort to challenge it will be an infringement of Parliament's sovereignty and the Constitution, which gives Parliament the inherent right to impeach the President. Parliament will not tolerate any attempt to circumvent its inherent right," he said. Any decision on providing Musharraf a safe exit would be made by the leadership of coalition parties, Rabbani said. Noting that this was the first time in Pakistan's history that an effort was being made to impeach the President, he said, "We have to be very careful on the ground we tread. An impeccably correct charge sheet in law and in fact has to be prepared, so (the process) is taking time."