BEIRUT (AFP) - Lebanon's new national unity government won a vote of confidence in parliament on Tuesday following stormy debates among rival lawmakers on the thorny issue of Hezbollah weapons. The vote will allow the 30-member cabinet - which was formed by Prime Minister Fuad Siniora a month ago under a May power-sharing accord that ended a dangerous political crisis - to finally start work. "One hundred MPs have given their confidence to the cabinet, five voted against and two abstained," parliament speaker Nabih Berri announced to the assembly, which currently has 127 MPs. MPs from rival factions have locked horns in sharp exchanges over the arsenal of the Shiite militant movement Hezbollah, which insists it has the right to resist Israel. "Despite some of the sharp criticisms expressed by some of the MPs... we are determined to turn over a new page in our relations," Siniora said in an address before the vote.