ISLAMABAD - After the hectic efforts by the powers that be, President Pervez Musharraf has finally decided to step down soon after Pakistan Independence Day (August 14), highly placed sources told WAQT News here on Tuesday. The sources said, according to the understanding reached among the concerned quarters, it was decided that Musharraf would not be held responsible for the past misdeeds and would be allowed to walk away scot-free. The background interviews with three close aides of Musharraf have revealed that Musharraf, already upset with the results of February 18 elections followed by the tone and tenor of Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, received first serious blow when the duo announced impeachment strategy. Watching the joint press conference of Asif Ali Zardari and Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif on August 7th in his room on a mega screen was perhaps the worst moment in Pervez Musharraf's last 8 years of absolute rule. Later he discussed the issue with his close friends and aides and sought their advice. The discourse was followed by a very engaging discussion with his family members. The sources said that Brigadier (Retd) Niaz and Tariq Aziz, Secretary of National Security Council (NSC) were the first two close friends who found him seeking a safe exit. Both of them held separate meetings with different political and military people to ensure the safe exit for their buddy, Pervez Musharraf. Sources claimed, Musharraf is likely to demand an opportunity to address the nation before formally announcing his resignation. As far as his future plans are concerned, he initially wants to stay in Chak Shehzad at his farm-house, however, he may leave Pakistan after a couple of months, the sources said. Pakistan's busiest person Pervez Musharraf, as he was six months back, is having enough time to ponder over future plans, particularly after his decision to step down. He has enough time to play tennis and bridge with his friends. However he avoids reading local newspapers and watching TV shows. One MNA of PML (Q), who met President recently, told this scribe on condition of anonymity that he met with a smiling but broken President Musharraf at his office. "When I assured him of party's full support and that everything would go smooth, Musharraf did not respond and avoided talking about impeachment," he observed.