ISLAMABAD (APP) - PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday said that Army and ISI are presently working on professional lines and they are not involved in any kind of politics. In an exclusive interview with a private television channel, the PPP Co-Chairman said that in the past institutions like ISI were used by the individuals to secure their political interests but now the situation has changed. Zardari said that he himself and his party holds the Army in high esteem because it was the founder of PPP Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who restructured and revived the force after 1971 War. He said that it was ZA Bhutto who got released the 90,000 personnel of Pakistan Army from Indian custody and strengthened this institution. The PPP leader said that Bhutto also signed the Simla Accord wherein the Indians acknowledged the Kashmir as a disputed territory. "Army is the national institution and there is no question of conquering it by PPP", he elaborated while responding to a question. Zardari said that PPP top leadership as well as its workers have suffered the hardships of jails, exile and even they have rendered the sacrifices of their lives for the cause of democracy and strengthening of Parliament. Now all the decisions would be made by the parliament and all state institutions would be allowed to work under the constitution, he said. He said that country is passing through difficult conditions and the political leadership is bound to pull it out. Under the vision of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto the PPP leadership has the ability to put the country on path to progress and prosperity, he added. Zardari said that President Musharraf may know the tactics of war but he is not trained in the tactics of politics. That is why he is not preempting the conditions on ground, he added. To another question the PPP Co-Chairman said that there was no misunderstanding between him and Mian Nawaz Sharif adding some individuals were seeing the things in this shape. He said that after the ouster of President Musharraf there will be no rift among the coalition partners and the decisions would be made with collective wisdom. The leadership of coalition partners has long experience in politics and they will hopefully make good decisions in the interest of country and its people, he said. He said the deposed judges would be restored and Charter of Democracy would be implemented in letter and spirit. Replying to another question Zardari said that coalition government would provide legal aid to Dr Afia Siddiqui and it would be a trial of American justice adding the justice would hopefully win. Strongly condemning the brutal killing of Sheikh Abdul Aziz and other Kashmiris by the Indian forces on Monday he said, the Indian authorities should respect the human rights of Kashmiris. Dispelling the impression that PPP thinks otherwise to the cause of Kashmiri people he said, the critics should remember that the very foundation of the party was erected by its founder on the cause of Kashmir. Zardari wished that Makhdoom Amin Fahim being a senior party member would remain associated with the party in future too. While admitting that he has not taken MQM Chief Altaf Hussain in confidence with regard to impeachment initiative he said that it was a mistake and he has now sent his representative to convince him. "I have seen a statement attributed to Altaf Hussain that parliamentarians of his party would abstain the process of voting on President's impeachment ", he said and added it is a good omen. He expressed the strong resolve to put the process on right direction for a strong and prosperous Pakistan under the vision of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Co-Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari said people of the country want to bestow presidency on their true representative.  The people's president on the very first day in office would himself surrender the powers of 58-2 (B) to the parliament. He said the 58-2 (B) has no future, and tomorrow belongs to democratic and political forces. He asked the persons repeatedly visiting President's Camp Office that it was the time for them to register their name on the right side of the history by siding with democratic forces. To a question he said no one should be suspicious about coalition leader's intentions. Coalition has the required numbers to make the impeachment bid successful. There should be no haste and the coalition wants to be correct democratically and prepare the charge sheet in such a way that history also testifies coalitions' endeavour to oust the President as correct. "We will have to be precise so that coming generations also authenticate and testify our decision." he said. Charge sheet would be finalised in consultation with coalition partners of ANP, PML-N, JUI-F. Some Baloch leaders and FATA legislatures would also be taken into confidence. Regarding misappropriation of American aid by President he said it was too early to say that $700 million have been misappropriated by Musharraf. Former PM Shaukat Aziz may have included the amount for budgetary support. Pak Army virtually got nothing from the aid money as it lacks proper equipment and other needs remain unmet. Only $300 million were being received by Army that too was the reimbursement of their spending. Referring to PM's US visit he said PPP has succeeded in getting a comprehensive package ($1.5 billion) from the USA. The amount would be used for budgetary support and uplift of countrymen. To a question he said government has failed to provide proper security to Shaheed Ms Benazir Bhutto. Her security advisor Rehman Malik wrote 25 letters to the government requesting for proper security. PPP does not believe in revenge and quoting Benazir Bhutto he said that her death would be a catalyst for change. PPP does not avenge the assassins of ZA Bhutto. The death of great leaders would be avenged by changing the system. Pakistan would be totally changed and people would be provided bread, butter and shelter and the country would be made sovereign totally free from foreign interference.