WASHINGTON (Online) - In a major setback to beleaguered President Pervez Musharraf, the Democratic Party has said that US could not offer a blank cheque to Pakistan's 'undemocratic President' as the tribal areas there have become a 'sanctuary for Al-Qaeda' and pose a serious threat to both US and Afghanistan. "We cannot tolerate a sanctuary for Al-Qaeda. We will ask more from the Pakistani government, rather than offer a blank cheque to an undemocratic President," the party said in its Draft Platform adopted by the national Convention for the upcoming elections in 2008. "The greatest threat to security in Afghanistan and America lies in the tribal region of Pakistan, where terrorists train and plot attacks and then strike and move back across the border. "We need a stronger and sustained partnership between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the NATO, including necessary assets like satellites and predator drones to secure the border by wiping out terrorist camps and cracking down on cross-border insurgents," the draft said. Asserting that the US would help Pakistan develop its own counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency capacity, the party said it will invest in the long-term development of the Pashtun border region so that the "hate crime by extremists is met with an agenda of hope". The draft stated that the party would significantly increase non-military aid to the Pakistani people and sustain it for a decade, while ensuring that the military assistance provided is annually used to combat extremists. "We must move beyond an alliance built on individual leaders or face mounting opposition in a nuclear-armed nation at the nexus of terror, extremism and instability wrought by autocracy," the platform said. Seeking to forge a more effective global response to terrorism, the Democratic Party said, "There must be no safe haven for those who plot to kill Americans. We need a comprehensive strategy to defeat global terrorists one that draws on the full range of American power, including but not limited to our military might". The party also sought to create a "properly resourced Shared Security Partnership" to enhance counter-terrorism cooperation with countries around the world, including information sharing as well as funds for training, operations, border security, anti-corruption programs and technology along with targeting terrorist financing. "We will pursue policies to expand our understanding of the circumstances and beliefs that underpin extremism, so that we can effectively address them. A crucial debate is occurring within Islam. The vast majority of Muslims believe in a future of peace, tolerance, development and democratisation," the draft added. The party emphasised that only a small minority embrace a rigid and violent intolerance of personal liberty and the world at large. It also observed that to empower forces of moderation, America must live up to our values, respect civil liberties, reject torture and lead by example.