PESHAWAR - The NWFP Assembly through a resolution on Tuesday called upon President General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf to take vote of confidence from his electoral college or resign under Article 44(3) of the Constitution immediately. The NWFP Assembly also called upon the Parliament to table motion of impeachment against Musharraf in accordance with Article 47 of the Constitution if he doesn't take a vote of confidence. The parliamentary leaders of four different political parties moved the resolution that was supported by 107 members in the House of 124 and opposed by only four MPAs belonging to former ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Q). All MPAs from Pakistan People's Party (Sherpao) also supported the resolution. Besides PML-Q, Sardar Sanaullah Khan Miankhel, independent MPA from Shangla, and MPA Fazlullah, a close relative of former federal minister and PML-Q Provincial President Eng Amir Muqam, also slipped from the House during counting. Bashir Ahmad Bilour, on behalf of ANP, read the text of resolution in the august House that was chaired by Speaker Kiramatullah Khan Chagharmati on Tuesday. Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti was also present in the House. Bilour was followed by former Chief Minister Akram Khan Durrani on behalf of JUI-F, Rahim Dad Khan on behalf of PPP-P and former chief minister Sahibzada Sabir Shah on behalf of PML-N. Nighat Yasmeen Aurakzai was the only one amongst all five PML-Q members who made her best for opposing the resolution against President Pervez Musharraf. She created unprecedented reaction. Later the speaker had adjourned the session till Wednesday. It is interesting to mention that Bashir Ahmad Bilour, Akram Khan Durrani and Rahim Dad Khan used word "Pakhtoonkhwa" in place of NWFP while reading text of the resolution, whereas only Sahibzada Muhammad Sabir Shah used the word "NWFP". Following the is text of the resolution: "The Pakhtoonkhwa Assembly observes: 1) That under Article 41 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Pakhtoonkhwa Assembly is a part of the electoral college for the electoral college for the election of the office of the President of Pakistan, 2) that notwithstanding of the Pakhtoonkhwa Assembly's objection to the validity or legality of the elections held in October 2007 for the office of the President of Pakistan, we are of the view: That General (Retd) Parvez Musharraf is unfit to hold the office of the President by virtue of being guilty of violating the constitution of Pakistan and/or of gross misconduct on the following amongst other grounds: - ) That General (Retd) Parvez Musharraf has subverted the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan twice by holding it in abeyance. 11) He has violated and undermined the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and derailed the transition to democracy. 11) That in terms of Article 41(1) of the Constitution the office of the President represents the unity of the Republic, General (Retd) Parvez Musharraf has violated the same and has caused to promote inter provincial tension, a deepened sense of deprivation, denied provincial autonomy thus leading to the weakening of the federation. IV) That the policies pursued by General Parvez Musharraf during the last 8 years have brought Pakistan to the brink of a critical political and economic impasse. The incompetence and failures of his policies has plunged the country into the worst power shortage in its history and brought unprecedented miseries upon the people. His policies have paralysed the Federation and eroded the trust of the Nation in key National Institutions. Moreover, it is a matter of record that General (Retd) Parvez Musharraf has made a public pledge before the nation (and it was widely covered by print and electronic media) that he will doff his uniform by December 31, 2004. But he went back on the promise and betrayed the nation. V) That the blatant anti-Pakhtoons policies of General (Retd) Parvez Musharraf have led to serious economic deprivation and security crises in the province and FATA. The flawed internal and external policies of his dictatorial regime have resulted in the large scale murder of innocent people of our province and FATA." In the light of the above, we hereby call upon President Gen. (Retd) Pervez Musharraf to take a vote of confidence from his electoral college or resign in terms of Article 44 (3) of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan immediately. In case he fails to do so, we call upon and urge the Parliament to give Notice of Impeachment in accordance with Article 47 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.