BEIJING"Having lost the first outing against Great Britain, as far as Pakistan is concerned out of the remaining four every league game is crucial. Losing one would mean having no hope of getting in the reckoning for a podium place, just one draw and it might at best be living to fighting another day but only for a spot in the middle cluster of four. It is in the backdrop of this brace of likely but unpalatable outcomes that the greenshirts today take on Canada " searching for a win here to get themselves going against a side that they had convincingly beaten 4-0 to land a rather unimportant four-nation title about a month ago at Dublin. The two leading outfits in the same group 'B' as Pakistan, Australia and Holland gave a display of their firepower in their outings Monday evening against Canada and South Africa " both respectively whipped 6-1 and 5-0. The Aussie scoreline against Canada must provide a spur to Pakistan, for it too requires a big win to smother the two-goal deficit from its first game " if at all it comes to goal-average that is. That there might be upsets in store to ambush the best laid plans of frontrunners was evident from a match in the other group. In its two warm-up games here, Pakistan was handed a 4-1 drubbing while it beat New Zealand rather easily, 2-0. But when New Zealand and Korea squared it off in the event proper, it was the side vanquished by Pakistan that ended up beating the Koreans 3-1. So, while it would indeed take a brave man to put a wager in favour of Pakistan's resurrection, it definitely falls in the realm of possible. While the pre-requisite for Pakistan remains on not putting a step wrong in the remainder of the preliminary round, it would still have to depend a great deal on the lesser outfits to do the giant-killing for it to make the cut for the last four. That would not be easy though, for the odds-on favourite Australia has been in most impressive form through the year, winning the Champions Trophy 2008 only recently. The Aussies, a tough bunch at all times, are also most keen to add another Olympic title to the tally after ending the 70-year long drought at Athens in 2004. Holland too have been formidable at the Olympic Games for the last one dozen years or so and are seeking their fourth straight final. And in all the previous three Games, Teun de Nooijer " the mainstay of the Dutch attack and quite possibly the best forward of his generation " has been one consistent performer. Itching to leave it all behind on a high, de Nooijer was on song Monday, with three of the five goals against South Africa coming through his penetrative playmaking. What would Pakistan's tactics be against Canada was not a closely guarded secret. Yet it sounded a trifle strange when coach Naveed Alam divulged to the media that his charges would take on Canada with a packed field at the backend. If his intent, maybe lost in articulation, was that the onus was on defence to give a much-improved performance than it did against Britain, none would disagree. But if he meant that the greenshirts have 'defence first' as their watchword against one of the weakest sides making the field of 12 here, than a rethink is definitely in order. Pakistan should in fact be going out with all cylinders firing. When given a free rein, its forward-line, with even the midfielders having more of an attacking bent, is capable of making inroads against better-equipped defences than Canada. It needs to be backed up, that is if Pakistan think tank harbrours the idea of winning.