KARACHI - Pakistani workers remitted a record amount of $627.21 million in July, 2008 as against $495.69 million in the same month of the last fiscal year (July, 2007), showing a jump of $131.52 million or 26.53%. The amount of $627.21 million includes $0.05 million received through encashment and profit earned on Foreign Exchange Bearer Certificates (FEBCs) and Foreign Currency Bearer Certificates (FCBCs). The previous highest amount remitted in a single month by Pakistani workers was recorded in March, 2008, when an amount of $602.21 million was received in the country. The inflow of remittances into Pakistan from almost all countries of the world increased last month as compared to July, 2007. According to the break up, remittances from USA, Saudi Arabia, , GCC countries (including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman), UAE, UK and EU countries amounted to $168.39 million, $133.26 million, $105.31 million, $100.10 million, $42.04 million and $17.07 million, respectively as compared to the corresponding receipts from the respective countries during July 2007, i.e. $127.99 million, $106.55 million, $70.30 million, $77.35 million, $39.50 million and $14.81 million. Remittances received from Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries during July, 2008 amounted to $60.99 million as compared to $58.90 million during July, 2007.