A ruler who cannot walk free and costs national exchequer millions of dollars to do so ceases every right to stay in his office. Who would know better than Mr Musharraf of his unconstitutional acts and the judgments of selective pliant, PCO-ed judiciary in every case? He is the most unpopular person in Pakistan. Maybe he has a few supporters who want him to stay against the verdict of 18th February. They still believe that impeachment will escalate Bush's hostilities in our tribal region. They forget whatever is happening on northern borders is just because of the misdoings of Musharraf. Such vested groups want the dictator to perpetuate his rule. They forget that Musharraf's continuation would only escalate confrontation when 160 million people want him to leave and so do the major political parties. It is only fallacious to believe that his continuation would improve political atmosphere. Surely, if he has any scruple, he must leave and resign than look for pliant judiciary or establishment to bail him out of the situation. Let him have mercy on the beleaguered nation.-SHAHID ALI, London, UK, via e-mail, August 9.