KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly Tuesday unanimously passed three private resolutions while one was withdrawn and the mover of fifth one declined to move the resolution. The resolution that was carried unanimously was moved by PPP legislator Nadeem Bhutto which states, "This assembly resolves and recommends to the government of Sindh to approach the federal government to ensure the appointment of local people of Sindh in multinational oil and gas companies in accordance with the agreement executed in this regard." An almost an identical resolution was successfully piloted by another PPP lawmaker Dr. Sikandar Ali Mandharo read, " this assembly resolves and recommends to the government of Sindh to approach the federal government to direct all the oil and gas exploration and producing companies operating in the province to abide by all the clauses of petroleum concession agreement and employing the local people and spending the amounts on socio-economic welfare of local population as contemplated in the agreements." Nadeem Bhutto and Dr. Sikandar Mandharo while separately arguing in support of their resolutions said that Sindh was producing 69 percent of oil and gas but multi national companies that were exploring and producing oil and gas were not offering jobs and not providing money for the welfares funds as agreed in the written agreements. They said that all these companies were carrying out exploration under Pakistan Petroleum Limited. Under the agreements they were bound to provide jobs to the local people and also initiate welfare works in their respective areas. However, on the contrary, these companies recruited only guards and peons from their respective areas of exploration on the plea that local people did not come up to their academic standard. Under the agreements, they said, these companies were bound to set up institutes to impart training to the local people as per their academic standards but the companies had not fulfilled the agreements in this regard. They said that under the agreements these companies contributed US dollar five million into the President's funds but the province do not get a single dime from this fund. Moreover, the companies are obligated to spend a prescribed amount towards environment protection in the vicinity of their work, which they don't spend, they added. They claimed that for the last 30 to 35 years, Sindh is not getting its share from the income of the oil companies. The income secured by the federation from the oil and gas exploration companies is neither given in the state transfer account or in the NFC Award. MQM legislator Syed Sardar Ahmed endorsed the point of view of the PPP members and said that the Sindh has raised the issue of GDS (Gas Development Surcharge) in NFC Award. Supporting the resolution Sindh Minister Manzoor Wassan said that Sindh was producing 2.8 million cubic feet of gas per day out of 3.8 million cubic feet produced in the country. Similarly, the province producing 58,000 barrels per day out of 65,000 barrels of oil explored in the country. Sindh minister Jam Saifullah Dharejo and PPP members Sharjeel Inam Memon also supported the resolution and demanded that that the resolutions should be adopted unanimously. Opposition member Dr. Rafique Bhamban also supported the resolutions. After the speeches, Dr. Sikandar Mandharo requested the chair that his resolution may be clubbed with the resolution of Nadeem Bhutto. After arguments and counter arguments, Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro put the resolutions in the house separately which were carried unanimously. Later on, PPP member Dr. Sikandar Mandharo tabled another resolution, which read," this assembly resolves and recommends to the government of Sindh to approach the federal government for rehabilitation of Ramsar Sites in the province and protect worst condition of lakes and lagoons in coastal area of Badin and Thatta district." Substantiating his resolution, Sikandar Mandharo said that Sindh have 10 out of total 19 Ramsar sites in the country. Out of these 7 Ramsars Sites located in Badin and Thatta districts. He said that though international institutions grant millions of rupees to federal government for the maintenance of the heritage but the sites located in coastal areas were not given importance. He said that by developing these sites, the government could generate revenue and the local people could get job opportunities. PPP members from Thatta Humera Alwani and Sasui Palejo supported the resolution. After the discussion, the chair put the resolution in the house that was carried unanimously. PPP member Nadeem Bhutto withdrew his resolution regarding theft of precious historical items from Moen-jo-Daro after Sindh law minister Ayaz Soomro assured the house that Sindh government will undertake inquiry into the matter. Law minister was of the view that though archeology was a subject of federal government but Sindh government will re-open the issue.  He said that the persons involved in the theft of precious items from Moen-jo-Daro belonged to PML (Q) who were released. But now the present government would bring to book those involved in the theft. After the assurance, PPP member Nadeem Bhutto withdrew his resolution under rule 109. Similarly, Dr. Sikandar Mandharo declined to move his resolution under rule 106 regarding Coal reserves on plea that he was satisfied with the steps taken by the Sindh government towards Thar Coal reserves. After the resolutions were passed, the chair adjourned the house till Wednesday morning.  The house which met with speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro in the chair at 4-00 PM took up question hours of culture and tourism and industries department.