IT is a scene from a galaxy far far away. Star Wars fanatics Rebecca Di Madeiros and Bill Duda were so obsessed with the blockbuster movies, they wanted the force to be with them for their special day. The couple, who married in their back garden, requested their friends and family dressed as characters from the iconic films. The Americans, who are both 36, spent nine months planning the inter-galactic celebration and everyone from the best man to their own grandparents were dressed as characters from the sci-fi extravaganza. With the aid of some colourful outfits, and a few Jedi mind-tricks, everybody duly obliged to the unusual request to make some of the strangest wedding photos ever seen. "Rebecca and I are massive fans of the films and when we were planning the wedding, we thought why not Star Wars?" said schoolteacher Duda of Portland, Oregon. "It was a lot of fun - after all it's not every day you get to be married by Yoda." Dressed as the characters Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar from the Star Wars series, the couple were led out from their house into the garden by a line of Imperial Stomtroopers. "The wedding was so informal at the start but obviously when the actual ceremony took place people became at bit more respectful," said Justin Winokur, 33, who was there that day photographing the event. "The wedding was presided over by Yoda, who had secured his marriage licence off the internet in the weeks beforehand and the ringbearer was none other than Princess Leia." And of course because it was their wedding, Bill and Rebecca made sure that their ultimate sci-fi fantasies were played out. Obviously feeling the force and trusting their instincts like all good Jedi Knights, the wedding guests were encouraged to really get into the swing of things. Setting up the wedding in their own home, Rebecca and Bill even requested that Justin the photographer wear an Imperial Officers outfit so as not to spoil the look. 'Bill and Rebecca are very much into 1970s kitsch and they love the irony of that time period,' Mr Winokur explained. "Everybody was requested to wear their Star Wars costumes to the wedding, there was no room for anyone to get changed at the house, so I suppose you had to literally come in character to the wedding." So, if this was the wedding... where is the honeymoon going to be?                         - Daily Mail